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May 04, 2004


Ingmar Bornholz

Well, your arguments seem to be clearly, but you have forgotten, that there are already apps which will make certain use of a higher and faster mobile connectivity: Think of all the mobile employes, being outside at their customers, being able to connect via notebook into their company´s network in order to check prices, etc. Think of being on the train surfing the internet, having chats, etc. Think of a new generation of mobile advertisements: if you watch MTV or VIVA then you´ll see, what big market all the downloadable logos, ringtones and themes are. In Japan, mobile-games are the killer application! Higher Speed will improve this trend...Maybe it´s worth thinking about that direction. Greets, Ingmar ;-)


Thanks for heads-up Ingmar. I agree with you that these things are going on and the having UMTS-type link will improve the experience. My point is however that this will not lead to a mobile "boom" in terms of significantly higher revenues for carriers and content creators. A logo downloaded at high-speed is still a logo, not a revolution IMHO. And in terms of content: mobile content providers (news, information etc.) are making big losses at the moment.

And as far as mobile working goes: this has been possible as long as we have GSM and the number one thing people do at the end of the day is check their email with it. Doing that at a higher speed is great, but isn't what most people advertising an mboom are thinking about. They dream of live video-links, interactive websites, push-technology etc. It is not that this won't be possible (it will be at some point) but that most people on the whole won't use it (there are of course always geeks and exceptions :-) ).

However, I'll be just as excited as any geek to see live video on my handheld device for the first time...

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