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May 14, 2004


Oliver Thylmann

I'd say Rumsfeld. Powell has a better image as a less right wing guy, which Bush can use better I'd say. We will see.


That was my idea too at first. But then I realized that Rumsfeld is one of the key people behind "Bush, the NeoCon messiah". The one making the decisions and laying out the strategy. He can only get fired if he fires himself I think.


My money is on Powell - Rumsfeld brings in the Jewish money for Bush. Then again, the others might bring in money too, I just don't know about that.

Which reminds me, on the 'plane from Washington I read the Washington Post - they are _really_ going after Bush, bashing in on his responses on the photos, more backgrounders on these, etc, and elaborate info on where Bush gets his campaign money from, etc. Impressive, I just hope the Post will retain credibility and not be seen as a 'left wing commie extremist' news paper.

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