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February 24, 2005



I thought your name was Thijs, and that Tao was an ancient Chinese philosopher. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Your articles are nice to read, but you might consider changing your style a little bit in my humble opinion ;).

Never been to Danmark though, and I was under the impression we have quite cold winds here too ;).


Mmmm I've been Tao for 10 years at least. Taoism is an ancient philosophy from the east yes, but not the name of a person. Tao-Space is named so for a reason, as it is my domain.

What is the matter with my style?


Hmmm, ok, fair enough ;). I don't know all details about Taoism ;).

And about your style, for me it is a lot easier to explain that in Dutch and in person (also a good reason to drink some beers ;)). But to be short, and give it a try in English: it appears a little bit arrogant to me.

"When Tao started"
"Tao could have"

Why do you write about yourself like it is somebody else? It sounds a little bit like a King: "We think this and that".
Why did you choose for that? It gives the whole a strange feeling to me. Why don't you just say "When I started", "I could have". A lot more personal ;).

Anyway, don't get me wrong. I don't want to start a flame here. I am trying to give you feedback on your style because I like you as a person :).


He, he, I don't know if I like you as a person (how could I possibly know that?) but I surely like your style. Arrogant? Not at all, funny in my opinion. -And I'd know, I'm a Dane... From Jylland actually, and believe me, you are not the only one who have noticed vinden!

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