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August 01, 2008


James Duncan Davidson

Sounds like you had the same basic issue I did. I think if the ink head clog detection sensor goes, it's pigpen time for the printer.

Tammie Gardner

I think you might find that your problems with the HP are actually an inkjet problem. I've had 2 Epson Stylus printers, do love the results, but have consistently had problems with ink streaks ... it might be more of an unalignment problem than anything. At any rate, i was considering a jump to HP with my next printer; considering your comments, i'll probably stick with Epson since, when it's working correctly it gives superb! fruit.

Peter van den Hamer

You may have needed to clean the so-called NESS ("spittoon") to get the HP B9180 working again. See my comparison of the same two printers: http://peter.vdhamer.com/2009/03/21/a3-photo-printer-mini-reviewa3-photo-printer-mini-review/

Peter van den Hamer

Correct URL:

Antonio Aguilera

My HP b9180 was a disaster after two years and HP service worst, no solution after garantie. Last montths: much money in 4 printing news heads and tests and test, ink and ink. And finally I bought a Epson R2880.

Joel Chudleigh

in terms of ink cartridges which one is the better ? we have been using HP inks up till now, but I was just wondering..


Account Deleted

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Account Deleted

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